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Iconic variety of Sensi Seeds, the first original Skunk on the market, with huge yields, and ease of cultivation.

10 seeds price: 26.50$

Skunk 1 Regular seeds

Skunk 1 is the result of a cross between Colombian, Tai, Mexican x Afghan , this hybrid continues to be a reference today for many growers.

Inimitable to this day, Skunk 1 forms large dark green (Afghan) leaves with lime green (sativa) stems.

Of medium height, indoors it grows without problems to a height of 1 to 1.20 centimeters , being recommended for novice growers due to its ease of cultivation. Indoor flowering of 45-50 days.

Its thick stems will support the weight of its large buds, filling all the gaps available in the internodes.

Outdoors it will be ready in mid-September, and it is easy to reach or exceed 500 grams per plant, with medium-height plants with little branching if they are not pruned to obtain more production, and central ‘bestial’ buds in weight and size.

This variety has an ‘overwhelming’ potency , and if we cut it before its full maturity, its effect can surprise by its high psychoactivity and psychedelic euphoria .

Its Skunk aromas are sour and spicy , not very refined, but powerful and long-lasting.


– Pack of 10 regular seeds.

– Indicates 60%, Indicates 40%.Regular
strain Sensi Skunk® is a regular strain, which will produce both male and female cannabis plants.
Temperate / Continental
Sensi Skunk® can be grown outside in normal warm summers.
Average height
gain Sensi Skunk® will have average height gain during flowering.
Short flowering period (45 – 50 days)
Sensi Skunk® will have a comparatively short flowering time.
Big Yield
Sensi Skunk® can produce a big yield without the extra care needed for some of the higher yielding strains.
80% Indica
The Sensi Skunk® strain has a large proportion of indica genes in its makeup.

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