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Variety created by Sensi seeds known as garlic bud, crossing Afghan x Skunk, Sensi has created an easy-to-grow, high-yield variety.

10 seeds price: 28.90$

Shiva Shanti regular seeds

Sensi Seeds has managed to create an easy-to-grow strain, ideal for new growers, with a very good price, and that will enhance the flavor of Garlic Bud ( Afghan garlic bud).

The result will surprise you, as Shiva Santi  combines the characteristics of Skunk with strong flowering, sweet taste and high effect, with the spicy and garlic aroma of Afghani.

Indoors it is easy to be around 500 gr x m2 , with 7l pots, and about 9 plants per m2.

Outdoors, it forms plants with dark leaves, with productions of around 500g per plant, which will be ready to cut at the end of September or the beginning of October.

If he is a genetic mix of Afghani x Hindu Kush x Skunk , he has created a strain that is easy to grow, and at an affordable price, perfect for growers who want a high quality product, at a unique price.

Plants can come out with a narcotic effect, or with   an awake effect, and sensitizer , ideal for living special moments with your partner.

Shiva Shanti Features :

– 75% indica, 25% sativa.

– Flowering time of 45 to 55 days, outdoors in late September, early October.

– Height from 1.5 to 2.5 meters.

 – Packs of 10 regular seeds .

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