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Iconic variety of Sensi Seeds, the first original Skunk on the market, with huge yields, and ease of cultivation.

10 seeds price: 26.50$

Guerrilla’s Gusto regular seeds

Guerrilla’s Gusto , has been created for guerrilla growers, who plant in cold or high mountain areas. It has been stabilized by crossing it with Indica varieties from northern India.

It can be grown indoors, obtaining plants of medium-short stature , with a good leaf-branch ratio, perfect for small growing spaces .
Guerrilla’s Gusto , we can sow it at home, and when it grows a few weeks, take it to our chosen Guerrilla site, preferably sowing it sheltered and protected from excess sun , to avoid having to water it continuously, as it absorbs a lot of water, especially in flowering, creating huge buds, and productions of more than 500gr per plant .

If we water it assiduously, it will grow to enormous heights, and will give us maximum performance, with rich aromatic buds, and lemony and floral nuances.

Its effect is very relaxing, typical of Indica Skunk, it will leave you anchored on the sofa.

Guerrilla´s Gusto Characteristics:

– Pack of 10 regular seeds.

– Indica 90%, Sativa 10%.

– Harvest: September.

Regular variety

Guerrilla’s Gusto® is a regular strain, which will produce both male and female cannabis plants.
“Cold / Cool” / Cold / Cool
Guerrilla’s Gusto® is a hardy early flowering strain suitable to be grown outside in most climates.
“Tall Plant” / Tall Plant
Guerrilla’s Gusto® will grow substantially during the flowering phase.
“Flowering 50 – 65 days” / Short flowering period (50 – 65 days)
Guerrilla’s Gusto® will have a comparatively short flowering time.
“Yield Big Yield” / Big Yield
Guerrilla ‘
“90% Indica” / 90% Indica
The Guerrilla’s Gusto® variety has a large proportion of indica genes in its composition.

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