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Afghani 1, is the result of the crosses made by Sensi Seeds, with Afghani selected, for their production, and quality of ‘HASH’ resins.

10 seeds price: 41.90$

Afghani # 1 Regular seeds

From the mountains of Afghanistan come the Indica specimens selected for the breeding of this incredible strain. Plants with dark green leaves, resistant to droughts and arid climates, perfect for secanos.

Afghani 1 is a typical Hash plant , with its special and intoxicating aromas, as well as its narcotic and high-setting potency. It even produces resin in the stems themselves , and is the favorite of many Hash-loving growers.

Indoors, Afghani 1 will yield 450-500 gr / m2 , with 10 plants per m2, with super hard buds, full of resin crystals, and a generous 55 days of flowering .

It is not recommended for areas with a high percentage of rain and humidity , as it is sensitive to fungi and mold.

Outdoors, it will easily yield from 500 gr to 1000 gr per plant , with heights of 2 to 2.5 meters , and its sweet aromas of hashish will leave you surprised, because it is like traveling to the mountains of origin and picking up the ‘ Charas’.

Its relaxing and narcotic effect is known for its anti-insomnia medicinal potential , also perfect for treating anxiety problems or poor appetite.

Afghani # 1 Features:

– Pack of 10 regular seeds.

– Flowering, from mid-September to early October.

“Regular (non-feminized) cannabis seeds” 
Afghani # 1® is a regular strain, which will produce both male and female cannabis plants. 

Sunny / Mediterranean
Afghani # 1® can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with long summers.
Average increase in height Afghani # 1® will have medium height gain during flowering.
Short flowering period (45 – 45 days)
Afghani # 1® will have a comparatively short flowering time. 

Heavy Yield
Afghani # 1® can produce a very large yield, but may require a little extra care to reach their full potential.
“95% Indica” / 95% Indica
The Afghani # 1® strain has a large proportion of indica genes in its makeup.

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