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Rocklock is an Indica plant that guarantees huge hard and compact buds, very easy to grow, in 8 weeks of flowering.

10 seeds price: 61.90$

Rocklock feminized seeds

Rockclok ensures fast flowering and easy cultivation for indoor and outdoor growers , being an ideal strain to ensure extremely hard and compact buds , which will fill the marijuana gardener’s pantry with satisfaction.

Indoors, it grows with strong hybrid vigor, developing a strong structure and lateral branches, and with 10-12 plants per LEC focus, it ensures 500 grams of high-density buds and aromas.

Grown outdoors, plants 2.5-3 meters high are made, and it will not be necessary to take care of them excessively , because with a weekly fertilizer, and the minimum care, Rockclok will give the maximum production and quality of Indica, with super resinous buds. ready in the middle of September.

Citrus flavor, very pungent and earthy.

Relaxing and hypnotic effect.

Rocklock Features:

Warlock x Rockstar
80% Indica : 20% Sativa
Flowering time : 8 weeks
Yield: 500-600g / m2

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