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Pandora Auto from Paradise Seeds, offers quality and Indica production of large sweet and sticky buds, in only 65 days of cultivation.

10 seeds price: 53.50$

Pandora Auto 100% feminized seeds

Compact plants, of easy stretching and good internodal distance , full of aromas and abundant resin. Pandora Auto is adapted to cold climates, so it is perfect, to start soon with your autoflowering cultivation , even in non-Mediterranean climates Pandora will grow easily, developing all its Indica potential. 

In indoor cultivation , it grows up to 90 cm , you have to put about 9 per bulb , to achieve 400/450 grams per m2 in 60 days.

Outdoors they grow up to 120 cm in height, and their production can be around 100 grams per plant, in 75 days from germination.

Sweet and spicy flavor, with long and prolonged, relaxing, medicinal effect.

Pandora Auto Features:

Type : Autoflowering Indica / Sativa 90/10
Harvest : 400/450 grams per m2 indoors. Outdoors from 60 to 100 grams per plant.
Life cycle : from seed to harvest, 60 to 65 days indoors and a maximum of 75 days outdoors.
Outdoors, in cold areas of northern latitude, start in May / June and finish in July / August. In warmer areas multiple harvests can be made. In tropical zones during all year.
Effect : Long-lasting, relaxing and medicinal intense narcotic effect.
Aroma / Taste : Sweet and spicy
THC : 15-18%

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