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Auto White Berry, autoflowering with the sweet berry flavor of White Berry, and beautiful purple color, but in a short growing time, 60 days.

10 seeds price: 52.50$

Auto White Berry, 100% feminized seeds

Auto White Berry is descended   from  Paradise Seeds’ White Berry Original .

Icon in flavor and production of this famous bank. It has been created by crossing this wonderful genetics, with Rudelaris, obtaining % 80 Indica x 10% Sativa and 10% Rudelaris.

Outdoors, it is an ideal plant for balconies and terraces , as it does not exceed 75 cm in height , so it can be easily concealed. In flowering, depending on its growing season, it can develop purple hues during flowering.

In indoor cultivation, plant 12-16 plants / m2 , as it generates few branches, its morphology is columnar, and in 60 days we can get up to 400gr / m2. Variety “perfect” for SOG or SCROG cultivation, due to its vertical shape, with little branching.

Sweet-sour berry flavor , relaxing effect , which is amplified by continuing to smoke.

Auto WhiteBerry Features:

Environment : Indoor and outdoor
Life cycle : indoor 63 days, outdoor 65 days after germination
Yield Indoor : 350gr / m2. Yield Outdoors: + 50gr / pp.
Effect : Slight to strong relaxing
Flavor : Bittersweet berries
THC : **
CBD : *

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