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Auto Jack, autoflowering variety with Jack Herer x White Widow genetics, high yield of fruity and resinous buds in 75 days.

10 seeds price: 52.50$

Auto Jack 100% feminized seeds

Paradise brings Jack Herer to the autoflower market. When crossed with a  very fast White Widow , she creates stable Sativa hybrids of medium size, but branched and robust, very resinous , ready to support the heavy buds.

Indoors at 20h of light, plant 6-9 plants per m2, they can give us 400-450 grams dry in 65-70 days from germination.

Outdoors, they can reach about 1 meter in height, and produce up to 200 grams per plant , in 75-80 days. To obtain maximum production we recommend using 25-liter pots with peat or holes in mother earth , and adding root stimulator to strongly develop its roots.

Auto Jack Features:

Type : Auto-flowering hybrid of Sativa 70% Indica 30%
Environment : Indoor and outdoor
Life cycle : indoor 65-70 days, outdoor 75-80 days after germination
Yield Indoor : 450gr / m2. Yield Outdoors: + 200gr / pp.
High : Uplifting high with a relaxing finish
Flavor : Fruity, sweet
THC : **
CBD : *

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