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Auto Acid, photo-independent version of Acid from Paradise Seeds, which maintains the flavors and aromas “Diesel”, in about 75 days of cultivation.

10 seeds price: 52.50$

Auto Acid 100% feminized

Paradise Seeds have crossed Acid with Rudelaris plants.

They have achieved the characteristics and qualities of Acid, but in a short cultivation time. The result is a vigorous plant that grows with great vigor, up to 1 meter in height , and that can reach 100 grams per plant.

Indoors, putting 9-12 plants / m2 , will give us a dry production of 400 grams per 600 W bulb, in 75 days.

Outdoors, it will grow without difficulty , and in the third week, Auto Acid will begin to produce many shoots that grow in a spiral with abundant trichomes, acid-sour aromas, which we will harvest in 80 days from germination.

Sour-acid flavors . Psychedelic and trippy effects, with a marked medicinal character, good for treating pain.

 Acid Auto Features:

Type : Sativa auto-flowering hybrid
Environment : Indoor and outdoor
Life cycle : indoor 75 days, outdoor 80 days after germination
Yield Indoor : 400gr / m2. Yield Outdoor: + 100gr / pp.
High : Uplifting high with relaxing finish
Flavor : Sour
THC : **
CBD : *

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