We are an online store specialized in selling cannabis seeds.

We have all types of cheap and quality assured marijuana seeds. On our website you will find different alternatives to plant marijuana seeds for your own cultivation, all of guaranteed and proven quality. We offer the best brands and genetics on the current market, with an emphasis on cheap marijuana seeds,  and the best quality / price ratio possible.

Formerly, in the 80s and 90s, there were only regular marijuana seeds , males and females, the grower had to sow them, wait for their growth, since they showed their sex, and then eliminate the males, with the consequent loss and delay in cultivation time, as well as in the number of individuals to harvest.

This meant for the grower to find his plant with seeds, and to lose valuable months of work and irrecoverable care, to end up running out of his buds, as they appeared full of seeds.

Currently, advances in genetic research, and sex change methodology, have allowed the complete feminization of seeds, for the enjoyment and savings of cannabis gardeners.

The  feminized cannabis seeds are entirely female, and allow a saving of time, in the selection of enormous male parents, so the grower can plant as many as he wants, with the peace of mind that his harvest of cannabis seeds will only produce buds. resinous without seed.

In our shop you will find the best cheap and productive feminized seeds.

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